News: Chevy Woods Teams up with RAW Papers to Launch Scavenger Hunt in Hometown of Pittsburgh

Winner Gets to Meet Chevy and Receives Massive Supply of RAW Rolling Papers



Critical Praise:

“Pittsburgh’s own Chevy Woods doesn’t carry the nickname ‘Cheffy’ for nothing. The self-proclaimed foodie can not only throw down in the kitchen but knows what good food tastes like.”Vibe

“Chevy flies high and gives the world an in depth look into his life as a Taylor Gang aviator.”XXL Mag

“He’s proven that you can make money without selling out to a label, gaining more than 300,000 followers on Twitter and 67,000 downloads of his mixtape, Gangland 3.”Pittsburgh City Paper

The News: 

On the heels of releasing his critically-lauded inaugural commercially released album The 48 Hunnid Project last week, Pittsburgh native Chevy Woods will launch a riddle-based geocentric scavenger hunt for fans in his hometown on Sunday, August 23rd. The winner will get to meet Chevy in person and receive a massive supply of RAW papers.

Starting at 12pm ET on Sunday, August 23rd, Chevy will start sending out riddles for the first of five locations via @RawPaper247‘s Twitter handle. Once a fan tweets a selfie at the location of one riddle, Chevy will DM them the next riddle which contains clues for the subsequent location. First winner to reach all five locations will be declared the winner by the end of the day. Fans must include the hashtag #ChevyRawHunt with every submission, they must be following @RawLife247, and they must be at least 18 years old to participate.

Chevy’s deeply personal The 48 Hunnid Project is a legacy defining EP that takes listeners on his journey from the hard times and harsh realities of his early years leading into the lavish lifestyle that’s come more recently with world tours and fame. With 20 tours under this belt and this EP being the first commercially available product following the release of 9 free mixtapes, the Pittsburgh City Paper described Chevy as proof  that, “you can make money without selling out to a label, gaining more than 300,000 followers on Twitter and 67,000 downloads of his mixtape, Gangland 3.” Explaining his 12year wait to release his first commercial album, Chevy exemplified his commitment to perfection, telling the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “If you want to read a good book about someone’s life, it’s not done in a year.” 

Listen to The 48 Hunnid Project:

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Chevy Woods Background:

Chevy Woods has been building up momentum with his mixtapes Red Cup Music, The Cook Out, and the Gangland series, progressing his sound with each release. After years of writing and recording in his home studio, Chevy traded in his keyboard for cash to pay for studio time. In 2004, while recording at Pittsburgh’s I.D. Labs Studios, Chevy encountered Wiz Khalifa and the two instantly formed a bond. “Me and Wiz, we always had each other’s backs. Since we were both recording at I.D. Labs at the same time, we would hold each other down,” Chevy has explained. “Even if it was just picking up Wendy’s for the other one on our way to the studio.”


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