MP3: Casper & B. – “Leave Me Alone” ft. Wes Period & OG Swaggerdick

Debuted by GoodMusicAllDay, “Leave Me Alone” is the Latest Single From Low Battery Summer, Releasing June 20th


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Critical Praise for Casper & B

“No offense to Pell, but Casper and B could’ve put just about any artist on “New Phone Who Dis” and it would’ve been a murder weapon. However, by adding the enigmatic New Orleans MC specifically, the energy on this rowdy record is taken to new heights, offering an immediate spike to any mundane mood. This will be played in clubs and people will go crazy for it.” – The Smoking Section

The Song: 

When production duo Casper & B sat down to make their debut album, they sat down and binge-listened to their favorite music and artists. The resulting album, Low Battery Summer coming out June 20th, synthesizes those influences, such as hyphy, go-go, New Orleans bounce, Blink 182, and early Kanye West, into a vibrant musical melting pot. “Leave Me Alone,” premiered by GoodMusicAllDayfinds the Los Angeles-based duo enlisting Wes Period and OG Swaggerdick for a maximalist, energetic, and infectious dance track.

“One of my favorite moments working on this project was when this drop came together,” explains Casper to GoodMusicAllDay. “I flipped a dope soul sample and when I heard B chopping it up and adding the crazy descending arp, it sounded like a crazy fusion of genres we loved.  Wes Period laid down some fire verses and his hook that comes in at the end has a ton of energy.  Wes and OG go in on how busy this music thing is. You don’t really have time to pay attention to or be distracted by anybody.”

“Leave Me Alone” follows “New Phone Who Dis,” a LiteFeet party anthem featuring Pell, which The Smoking Section asserted, “will be played in clubs and people will go crazy for it.” Earlier this year, the duo released the Michael Christmas and Marc E. Bassy-assisted single “Work Hard,” which debuted via Pigeons & Planes and has been played over 108,000 times on Soundcloud. Last week, the duo released the CHARGE UP! dance mix for Nest HQ‘s Nest Mix series. “When we decided to create our own album, we actually sat down and started listening to all of our favorite music from our entire life,” they explain. “We didn’t know what our sound was yet, but we knew we wanted it to be fun.” With a desire to make people dance to catchy hooks and upbeat production, boosted by raps and additional vocals by a collection of cutting-edge collaborators, Casper & B. are certain to stand out from the norms of new music. Casper & B.’s Low Battery Summer project is slated for release on June 20th.

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The Background:

LA-based producers Casper & B. expertly balance rap, dance, and pop strictly on their terms. Mixing Pete Rock and Madlib fundamentals with nuances of hyphy, go-go, Lite Feet, New Orleans bounce, and marching band sounds, the two have taken their experiences working professionally in both hip-hop and pop to create a hybrid sound of their own. Their upcoming debut project, Low Battery Summer, which features Pell, Charles Hamilton, Michael Christmas, Marc E. Bassy, and more, demonstrates how Casper and B. expertly flip pop and classical sensibilities on their head, blunted with bass drops and breakdowns. Low Battery Summer is aimed for release on June 20th.


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“Leave Me Alone” ft. Wes Period and OG Swaggerdick:

“New Phone Who Dis” (ft. Pell):

“Work Hard” (ft. Marc E. Bassy & Michael Christmas):