MP3: Phox – “1936” (COFRESI Remix)

Fresh Off Tour With Rapper ProbCause, the Chicago Drummer/Producer/DJ Adds a Touch of the Future To Phox’s “1936” 



The Song:

A good remix can inject new life into a song and show the hidden beauty of the original. On “1936” (COFRESI Remix), Chicago producer/drummer/DJ COFRESI takes Phox’s upbeat pop anthem and adds his signature flair. COFRESI stumbled across “1936” on Soundcloud and wanted to give the song a “future, vintage sound.” Premiered by Indie Shuffle, he succeeds with a remix that is a warping rush of other-worldly sounds crashing against surging synths.

When asked how he crafted the remix COFRESI says, “I always start by choosing the sections of the song I like most, chopping it up, messing with timing and creating a pallet of ideas to stem from. Then, I focus on the drums and make beats that morph the musical ideas into a reality. From there, I evolve the melodic and song-oriented components to create the full piece.” The end result is a remix that adds to Phox’s original composition, instead of detracting. COFRESI’s edit is perfectly suited for a long and mellow Sunday car ride or the dance floor. “1936” (COFRESI Remix) is like listening to Vampire Weekend if they took a trip to the outer dimensions of space. The song is equal amounts quirky and adventurous, never settling into one sonic space for too long.

If you haven’t heard the name COFRESI, its most likely due to the fact that he’s been behind the scenes for the last couple years. Doubling as tour drummer and producer for Chicago rapper ProbCause, COFRESI has been stretching his musical legs for the last few months. “After touring with ProbCause for the past year I’ve gotten more into the production design of our live show.  Since then, I’ve been molding acoustic drums, digital percussion and production software together for both live and audio performance,” says COFRESI. His remix of “1936” is the first step in his quest to release more great music in the next year.

Listen to “1936” (COFRESI REMIX):

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COFRESI Background:
Chicago drummer/producer/DJ COFRESI wears many hats. He is the tour drummer for rapper ProbCause, in addition to putting in work as a DJ and producer. COFRESI’s music journey began early, “I started with piano at age 6, drums in middle school and then messed with electronic drums in high school as well as played in the marching band and jazz band,” says COFRESI. Now the Windy City musician is ready to step from behind the scenes to make his mark in 2015.


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