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“…he’s a rapper for whom content is style, whose subtle poetic gifts are dependent on the seeming veracity of the concrete heart of the stories he tells.” – Pitchfork

Boldy James, the blue-collar Detroit rapper who made noise with his Consignment, Favor For A Favor: The Redi-Rock Mixtape and high-profile collaborations with The Alchemist and The Cool Kids, released his Grand Quarters EP on Decon.
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Press Releases

Boldy James Rocks Sunglasses At Night, Pays Tribute to Notorious Motown Drug Lord “Maserati Rick”
Blue-Collar Rapper Boldy James Puts On For Detroit in House of Blues Mixtape
Boldy James Drops “Maserati Rick,” a Triumphant Ode to a Notorious Detroit Drug Lord
Boldy James Flows Like a Butterfly, Stings Like A Bee in “Do It” Visual
Nas’ Protege, Boldy James, Announces House of Blues Mixtape for 2/27; Drops Trap-Inflected “Do It”
Nas-cosigned Detroit Emcee Boldy James Breaks Two-Year Silence with The Art of Rock Climbing EP

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