Song: Bhad Bhabie – “These Heaux”

The Teenaged Social Media Sensation Does Not Have Time For Your Bullsh!t


The Song: 

Just fourteen and already with a massive social media following, Danielle Bregoli, aka Bhad Bhabiemakes anthems for her own damn generation. Firing razor sharp bars over Rube Goldberg percussion, Bhad Bhabie annihilates fakers and wannabes with “These Heaux,” her first ever single. Displaying a facility with wordplay that belies her young age, Bhad Bhabie proves that nobody is safe from her pointed barbs: “These heaux they wake up they broke/they mattresses be on the floor.” Finishing it off with a maddeningly infectious hook (“money green like a Cee-Lo”), “These Heaux” demonstrates Bhad Bhabie’s preternatural hitmaking ability and her god-given talent for causing controversy.

“‘These Heaux’ is about all the fakes,” explains Bhad Bhabie. “A bitch who think she’s special for nothing, literally doing nothing. They’re bored, online, they’re wasting time writing a comment I’ll never see about how I should be in jail… but you know I’m not going to reply to your shit. Read a book, get a job. Heaux aren’t just women, they come in many genders and orientations.”

Though “These Heaux” is her first single, Bhad Bhabie is no newcomer to rapping, having grown up on the border of Boynton Beach and Lake Worth, ditching school to rap with her friends in an abandoned garage across the street from a Texaco since the age of 12. A fiercely independent young woman with a rebellious streak, Bhad Bhabie found notoriety in 2016 when a video of her appearance on Dr. Phil went viral, spawning a “Cash Me Ousside (Remix)” that reached #73 on the Hot 100. Since falling into viral fame, Bhad Bhabie has taken her popularity into her own hands, building up her social media brand and becoming one of the fastest-growing accounts in Instagram history, multiplying from 400 to 11.2 million followers in just 6 months and reportedly making millions of dollars in endorsement and promotion deals. With virtually no promotion, her emoji app BHADMOJI charted at #1 in the App Store in the US and Canada. With “These Heaux,” Bhad Bhabie is set to prove that she is more than just a meme–she’s a true talent who has the potential to be one of her generation’s biggest stars.

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