Album: Berner & B-Real – Prohibition Part 3

The Marijuana Magnate and the Cypress Hill Veteran Make the Case For Legalization on Their Third Joint Album in Three Years




Critical praise for Berner:

“[Berner’s flow] now rolls off his tongue in a more effortless legato. His lyrics have also deepened in both his attraction to arresting imagery (“I can see my stones glowing in the limousine tint”) to an emotional potency that seems The Jacka-inspired in its multiplicity of meaning” – Pitchfork

The Album:

Prolific Bay Area rapper and successful entrepreneur Berner has long been a advocate for the legalization of marijuana across all 50 states. Connecting with respected Cypress Hill veteran and famed marijuana enthusiast B-Real, the duo drops Prohibition Part 3 a week early to react to the decisions made by our country on November 8th. Prohibition 3 is an ideal listen for a late-night smoke session or for a windows-down drive down the California coast, but it also passionately advocates for marijuana legalization across all 50 states. On Tuesday, the nation took baby steps in the direction of legalization, as Nevada, California, Maine, and Massachusetts voted to legalize recreational use of marijuana, while Arkansas, North Dakota, and Florida voted to legalize medicinal use. Last week, Berner and B-Real shared “Vibes,” a lush, laid-back highlight from the project, produced by Cozmo & A-One and featuring an appearance from Dizzy Wright. 

Explains Berner: “The Prohibition series represents the marijuana culture. The growers, breeders, shop owners & smokers who have been affected by a law we all know makes no sense. We are the voice for the community. We provide a vibe that people could use right now. This is the sound most artists today run from or just ignore. Looking at all the press on marijuana legalization in California, Massachusetts & Nevada as well as the States that went medical, we felt like releasing it early was not only the right thing to do but very necessary.”

Berner also just announced his partnership with the Jungle Boys & release of their new brand/company, Exotikz, essentially the “NIKE” of the marijuana industry, providing a home for the biggest marijuana strains and a legit platform for production & distribution. “Our goal is to keep designer weed on the market.” Exotikz has strains such as Cookies, Wiz Khalifa’s KK, Wedding Cake, Zkittlez, Lemonade, Sundae Driver, and many more, as well as nationwide roll out in the works.

With over 22 solo and collaborative albums under his belt, Berner is one of rap music’s most productive stoners. Prohibition 3 follows up the lush and expansive Hempire, which debuted at #4 on the Billboard Hip-Hop Album Charts in March. The San Francisco serial entrepreneur has built a marijuana empire, creating popular cannabis strain Girl Scout Cookies, launching a new brand of organic herbal beverages called Hemp2O, and founding apparel company Cookies SF. Berner takes fans behinds the scenes of his marijuana empire in his Marijuana Mania video series, in which Berner demonstrates his deep knowledge of cannabis horticulture and shares his business knowledge about what’s quickly becoming the country’s next cash crop.

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Prohibition Part 3 Tracklist

  1. First High
  2. Vibes ft. Dizzy Wright
  3. Freeway ft. Paul Wall
  4. Stories ft. Devin The Dude
  5. FTB
  6. Noise
  7. Levitate ft Quez
  8. Marijuana ft. B-Legit & Demrick
  9. Smoke Box
  10. Whole World
  11. Stoners ft. Wiz Khalifia
  12. Fuck Boy
  13. On & On
  14. Outro
Berner Background:

For almost 10 years, Berner has been hip-hop’s most trusted source. His track record not only in producing marijuana mood music, but also steering the most discerning of smokers to the latest new strains and products in the marijuana industry is unimpeachable. The founder/co-owner of popular apparel company Cookies SF, Berner has used his green power to strengthen his music ties, and he’s dropped a whopping 14 albums to date. During high school, the budding entrepreneur born Gilbert Anthony Mano had begun playing around and battle-rapping for fun. In 2006, he dropped his first mixtape Dirty Sneakers. His first solo album, Weekend at Bernie’s, arrived in 2009, along with four other albums. He’s worked with numerous legends in the game, from Cypress Hill’s B-Real, Project Pat and Tha Jacka to Ty Dolla $ign, DJ Mustard and Chris Brown. This year alone, he will release another three projects: Contraband with Cam’ron, Drought Season 3 with the recently deceased Bay Area legend Tha Jacka and his solo album, Hempire. He boasts 417,000 Instagram followers, who turned out in droves for his sold-out Under the Influence of Music Tour alongside Khalifa, A$AP Rocky, Trinidad Jame$ and Joey Bada$$–and his 4/20 shows in the Bay are one of the highlights of the year.


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Prohibition 3


“Gunplay” (Remix) (ft. Wiz Khalifa & Hollywood):

“Marijuana Mania”:

“Bern One”:


“Best Thang Smokin'” ft. Wiz Khalifa, B Real & Snoop Dogg:

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