Video: Ajey – “Single For Tonight”

The Brooklyn-Born Emcee Starts a FaceTime Romance in the First Video from Met Her Off The GramPremiered by HipHopHundred


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A down-to-earth storyteller blessed with an infectious facility with melody, Brooklyn-born rapper Ajey appeals to fans with his plainspoken and direct lyrics. Detailing a typical night in the club over sun-drenched guitar and liquid keys, Ajey shares the video for “Single For Tonight.” The video details a sweet tale of romance between Ajey and a woman in a Boston Red Sox jersey, and also details Ajey’s routine when he goes to the club: he posts up in VIP, surrounds himself with beautiful women, and pops champagne while he scrolls through Instagram. Premiered by HipHopHundred, “Single For Tonight” is the first video to be released from Met Her Off The Gram, Ajey’s debut album released earlier this month. Premiered by HipHopDX, Met Her Off The Gram draws from Ajey’s life experiences, most often taking different, hyper-specific angles into modern romance, such as on singles “Fuck My Ex,” premiered by ELEVATOR, and “Selfish.

An ultra-talented everyman, Ajey won a large social following on Instagram and a devoted fanbase on SoundCloud because of his emotional honesty–fans see reflections of themselves in his songs and respond to his nakedly raw lyrics. Born in the Bronx, Ajey and his twin brother were raised by a foster family, who moved the boys to Brooklyn and provided a path for Ajey to go to college. Over the past year, the 22-year-old rapper has developed a devoted following on Instagram, where he has over 112,000 followers. With his relatable bars and his infectious hooks, Ajey is primed to take over the rap game from the ground up, building a career atop social engagement and grassroots enthusiasm. With multiple tracks produced by TxmmyMet Her Off The Gram is a wavy soundscape with gurgling synth, chiming keys, and subtly snapping percussion, allowing Ajey to fill the ample negative space with his smooth, rhythmic singing. Distributed by EMPIREMet Her Off The Gram is available to stream on the DSP of your choice.

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